Celebrating The Critical Role Of Women In Construction

March 20, 2020

The first week of March marks Women in Construction Week (WIC), an occasion meant to celebrate the successes of females in the field and raise awareness of opportunities going forward. With many of the industry’s leading construction companies on Taylor Johnson‘s client roster, it was easy to find inspiring female leaders to feature during this annual event. As Women in Construction week approached, TJ reached out to RE Journals with insights from a handful of the industry’s leading ladies from LendleaseEnglewood ConstructionJames McHugh Construction Co., and Related Midwest. Click here to learn what these women love about their jobs, what they believe lies ahead for women pursuing a career in construction, and what advice they would offer others looking to get into the industry.

In honor of Women in Construction Week,RE Journals talked to (from left) Tara Fox from Englewood Construction, Jennifer Gee from James McHugh Construction Co., Monica Barsoum from Lendlease and Amy Mayer from Related Midwest about the role women play in the industry.


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