Fifield Cos.’ Randy Fifield Shares Stories Of Adversity And Success

May 12, 2020

Real estate veterans like Randy Fifield, chairwoman of Taylor Johnson client Fifield Cos., know a thing or two about encountering and overcoming challenges on the path to success. Recently, Randy shared some of her lessons learned with Sophie Morrison, author and broker at TJ client Downtown Apartment Company, on Sophie’s podcast, “Epic/Fail”, which highlights stories of people who’ve built something epic by finding opportunity in adversity. Listen here to this inspiring interview that covers not only Randy’s experiences in the real estate industry, but also her attitude and mindset when approaching obstacles in life.

The full episode is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Did you know that podcasts offer a great opportunity for real estate experts to share their knowledge, highlight interesting projects and strengthen their thought-leadership platforms? The TJ team has arranged for podcast appearances by multiple clients, on topics ranging from creative approaches to senior housing to how municipal buildings can anchor downtown development. To learn more about how podcasts can be used to promote your company’s projects and services, contact Emily Johnson.

Randy Fifield, chairwoman of Fifield Cos., shares her perspective on how adversity can fuel success on “Epic/Fail”, a podcast from Sophie Morrison, a real estate broker with Downtown Apartment Company.


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