Health And Wellness Real Estate Is Moving From Elective To Essential

August 6, 2020

Already a growing trend pre-pandemic, the idea of health- and wellness-focused features in multifamily communities has taken on new meaning in the context of COVID-19. When Multifamily Executive needed sources for a story on design strategies that balance personal wellness with public health and safety, we connected the editor with two Taylor Johnson clients: Morgante Wilson Architects (MWA) and Mary Cook Associates. While MWA discussed how the thoughtful layout of common areas – such as the amenity spaces it designed for TJ client 727 West Madison – can address mental wellness by allowing residents to be with others while still maintaining social distance, Mary Cook weighed in on how the pandemic has accelerated innovation in the products, materials and technology incorporated in multifamily design. Read the full article here.

Morgante Wilson Architects designed the interiors of 727 West Madison (top) in Chicago’s West Loop, while the interior spaces at Oleander in Brookhaven, Ga., were designed by Mary Cook Associates.


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