Office Designs Reflecting Work, Not Perks

November 5, 2019

The pendulum is swinging from workplace design driven by employee playtime to office environments focused on the occupants’ mission. Take for example Taylor Johnson clients Wight & Company, who designed the colorful, warm and uplifting new headquarters for, the nation’s leading online publisher of life memorials and end-of-life resources, and Downtown Apartment Company, whose River North digs have much more in common with the upscale rentals the firm represents than a standard brokerage office. We brought these examples to a reporter for, who noted how these office designs represent a shift from a focus on office perks to office work. Read more here about how these spaces were designed to inspire the people who work in them.

The Living Room at was designed by Wight & Company with deep, rich colors and home-like furnishings for employees seeking a quiet, focused and reflective work space.


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