Shaving Heads To Support Pediatric Cancer Research

March 13, 2019

Hello everyone — it’s Emily Johnson, president of Taylor Johnson. My 13-year-old son, Christopher, asked TJ to share the following note:

My name is Christopher and I go to Lincoln Middle School and we are doing a St. Baldrick’s event. St. Baldrick’s is a charity that helps fund childhood cancer because childhood cancer is severely underfunded. People shave their heads and get others to donate to their fund. Our school does St. Baldrick’s every three years so every student gets to do it once.
This year, however, is very different from past years.
At the last event three years ago, there was a student from our school named Benny Martinez. Benny was in sixth grade and shaved his head for St. Baldrick’s. He had no one in his family who had cancer — he was just doing it to help raise money for childhood cancer. Benny became the top fundraiser in his grade and raised close to $5,000. About a week after the event, Benny went on spring break vacation with his family in Florida. When they were there, Benny was getting a lot headaches and having a lot of other problems. They took him to the doctor expecting it to just be something minor. They found out he had a rare form of cancer called medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer. Immediately they started surgery. When he got out of surgery, he couldn’t talk, walk, or swallow for weeks. Finally, when he was better he had to go through six weeks of radiation therapy and nine rounds of chemotherapy. Although the treatment helped his cancer, it made him fully paralyzed and he can’t talk.
Although this is a very sad story, it has kick-started something huge. This is the first year we are doing St. Baldrick’s since Benny got cancer so we had to make it big. We made a fundraising goal of $175,000 for the school, which we didn’t know if we could reach. Right now we have raised about $315,000, shattering our original goal, making us the third biggest St. Baldrick’s event in the world. The event is March 19 so we still have time to reach our new goal of $350,000.
This year, I will being shaving my head to help kids like Benny so they won’t have to go through cancer. I would really appreciate it if you would donate to my fund. All the money goes towards childhood cancer research. Any dollar amount will help and all you have to do is click the link and donate. You never know if the money you donate will be what cures childhood cancer and saves millions of lives. Remember that any amount will help, thank you.


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