Should You Buy A Home In Chicago In 2020?

March 23, 2020

Even prior to the disruption of COVID-19, the question of whether or not to buy a home in Chicago in 2020 was on people’s minds. When Curbed Chicago reached out for perspective on the pros and cons of buying in the city, the TJ team connected the editor with Taylor Johnson clients Belgravia GroupDowntown Realty Company and Lexington Homes. Read here to get insights on everything from the impact millennials will have on the market as more transition to buying homes, to the benefits of new construction, to how condominiums with robust amenities offerings are drawing renters to Chicago’s for-sale homes.

(Commentary from Jeff Benach of Lexington Homes was also included in the national version of the story.)


With homebuying in Chicago predicted to get more competitive, condominium developments in emerging neighborhoods, like Belgravia Group’s Triangle Square in East Bucktown, offer great potential home value growth.


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