Testing The Flexibility Of The Fulton Market Aesthetic

March 17, 2020

Just as Fulton Market District’s identity has evolved from warehouse district to office corridor, the downtown neighborhood’s architecture is coming of age along with it. Taylor Johnson client Fulton East, a new-construction, 90,000-square-foot glass and steel office building at 215 N. Peoria St., is helping to define modern Fulton Market style. The development’s use of Prodema wood veneer on the exterior is a first for Chicago high-rises and was the focus of a RE Journals article placed by TJ. The story explores how the building’s developers, Bob Wislow and Camille Julmy of Parkside Realty, Inc., along with partners Clayco and Lamar Johnson Collaborative, are creating a neighborhood aesthetic that reflects Fulton Market’s 21st-century reputation as a center of innovation and progressive design.

In addition to handling PR for Fulton East, Taylor Johnson also manages the property’s InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn pages. To learn more about Taylor Johnson’s social media and digital advertising services, contact Emily Johnson at ejohnson@taylorjohnson.com.


Fulton East, a boutique office project at 215 N. Peoria St. in Fulton Market that’s set for completion in June, is decked in green lights for St. Patrick’s Day.


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