Wight & Company Creates Lasting Impression For Legacy.com Headquarters In Chicago’s Loop

June 13, 2019

As the nation’s leading online publisher of life memorials, Legacy.com knew it wanted the design of its new downtown Chicago headquarters to celebrate life.  And no firm was better at delivering the warm and colorful results it wanted than Taylor Johnson client Wight & Company. After the TJ team toured Legacy.com’s fresh digs, which brings together 100 employees from two suburban locations, we couldn’t wait to share the story and images behind the firm’s new space with media. Coverage has already appeared in RE JournalsBisnow Chicago and Built In Chicago. See photos of the vibrant space here and read more about how Wight & Company created the aspirational and inspirational workplace Legacy.com desired.

Wight & Company combined open areas for collaboration with private spaces for quiet work and reflection in the new 18,000-square-foot Legacy.com Loop offices.


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