10 Ways The Kitchen Is Evolving For Greater Efficiency, Health

March 22, 2021

When real estate reporter Barbara Ballinger needs insights on industry trends, she knows Team TJ is always happy to connect her with a variety of sources. For her most recent REALTOR® Magazine article on the latest trends in kitchen design, including those that have emerged during the pandemic, she spoke with Taylor Johnson clients Belgravia GroupMary Cook AssociatesMorgante Wilson Architects and Moceri + Roszak, developer of Parkline Chicago. Read the full story here for what these experts have to say on everything from kitchen island size (the bigger the better!) and healthier countertop choices to specialized storage and timeless color palettes.


Oversized islands are just one of the kitchen trends showcased in the condominiums at Parkline Chicago, which also give buyers the choice of four cabinetry color palettes.


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