Apartment Developers Entice Chicago Renters With Dazzling Lobbies

July 24, 2014

As the Chicago Tribune reports, the latest crop of luxury downtown apartment buildings is trying to dazzle renters from the moment they walk into the building with eye-catching lobbies that are meant to impress. Take the lobby of 73 East Lake from Taylor Johnson client M&R Development, which features a modular sectional covered in Missoni fabric and more than a dozen video screens running a video loop of iconic Chicago images. There’s also the Carrara marble and stainless steel lobby of K2 from TJ client Fifield Companies, which showcases an oversized commissioned painting by Vidvuds Zviedris. To read more about the newest Chicago luxury apartment lobby designs that are attracting renters, click here.

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The sofa and more than a dozen video monitors are a focal point in the lobby at 73 East Lake. (Credit: James Steinkamp Photography)


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