Biophilic Design Gets The Green Light In Multifamily

May 12, 2021

Biophilic design has become one of the hottest topics in building design thanks to a growing awareness of the benefits of connecting to nature and nearby geographic elements. When Multi-Housing News reached out for sources on how biophilic design was being used in multifamily developments, the TJ team was able to seed the story with several Taylor Johnson clients, including LendleaseMorgante Wilson ArchitectsFifield Cos., Optima, Inc. and Mary Cook Associates. Read more here about how developers and designers go beyond the buzzword to infuse spaces with biophilic inspiration, from integrated indoor/outdoor spaces and designs that incorporate the surrounding neighborhood to lush conservatories and flora-and fauna-inspired resident lounges.

These nature-inspired spaces at (clockwise) Westerly, Optima Camelview Village, College Square and The Reed are just some examples of how designers and developers are using biophilic design in multifamily buildings.


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