Ryan Companies Donates $300,000 In Labor, Materials To Upgrade Markham Parks, Fire Station

November 1, 2021

To say Taylor Johnson client Ryan Companies US, Inc. hit it out of the park with its community service endeavors in Markham, Ill., would be both an understatement and a play on words. After wrapping construction on a 3.5 million-square-foot Amazon Fulfillment Center in the south Chicago suburb, Ryan leaders turned their focus to giving back to the community. Team TJ spread the word about Ryan’s donation of more than $300,0000 in labor and materials to not only update two local parks, but also renovate a fire station and enhance street lighting to accommodate holiday lights on a main thoroughfare. Coverage of the volunteer efforts appeared in the Chicago Business Journal and the Daily Herald Business Ledger. Open TJ TALK to read the full story.


Following its construction of a massive Amazon Fulfillment Center in Markham, Ill., Ryan Companies gave back to the community by installing new playgrounds and baseball fields as well as numerous other upgrades.


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