ConDO Or DON’T: Is The Timing Ripe For The Chicago Condo Market?

September 24, 2013

Is now the time to jump back into the condominium market arena? Join Taylor Johnson client Curt Bailey, president of Related Midwest, as he and his fellow panelists answer this question and many more during tomorrow’s ULI event focused on Chicago’s condo market. Register for the event here.

Where Are The Highest Apartment Rents In Chicago?

Switching to Chicago rental news…if you are curious as to which building is commanding the top rents in Chicago, Crain’s Chicago Business has the answer with this slide show. We’ll end the suspense now and tell you 500 Lake Shore Drive, from TJ client Related Midwest, takes the #1 spot, but you might want to see who rounds out the top 10.

500 Lake Shore Drive, photo by Steve Hall, Hedrich Blessing Photographers



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