The 16th Annual Taylor Johnson Residential Real Estate Trends Report: Part 1

December 8, 2021

Back in 2006, the Taylor Johnson team decided a great way to showcase our clients’ expertise would be to send the media a report sharing their real estate predictions for the new year. At the time, our client base primarily consisted of firms in the homebuilding sector, so the first reports focused on housing trends. But as our client mix diversified over the years, so too, did our annual report – soon covering multifamily and commercial trends. In fact, our annual forecast became so useful for reporters we began distributing separate real estate reports for each market sector. This year we opted for a fresh take to our annual real estate reports, making them more visual and fun. For the next nine days, you’ll be treated to our clients’ real estate predictions for the new year. To kick things off, here’s a look at the 5 Residential Real Estate Trends Shaping Housing in 2022 and a focus on Trend #1: Positive Fundamentals Tee Up 2022 For-Sale Market, with insights from TJ clients Baird & WarnerDowntown Realty CompanyKey MortgageLandtrust Title Services and Proper Title.  Open TJ TALK to view the full report.


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