The Benefits Of Co-Location For Affordable Housing

July 7, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating the country’s affordable housing crisis, the need for innovative solutions is greater than ever. Recognizing this, Taylor Johnson pitched client Evergreen Real Estate Group to Multi-Housing News, offering a contributed piece from David Block, the firm’s director of development, on the benefits of co-locating affordable housing with other complementary uses. As noted in the article, the model is designed to benefit both residents and the surrounding community while allowing project partners to tap into various financing sources. Block explained how co-location also helps lower construction costs and reduce environmental impacts. Evergreen has developed a number of co-located communities in recent years, including affordable senior housing paired with public library branches; two types of affordable senior residences in a single project; and an affordable independent living community built alongside an existing adult day services center. Read more here.

Northtown Library and Apartments is one of two co-located communities featuring affordable senior housing atop a Chicago Public Library branch that Evergreen developed in partnership with the city of Chicago, Chicago Housing Authority and Chicago Public Library. (Photo credit: James Steinkamp)


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