The Great Garage Takeover

October 5, 2021

One trend that continues to emerge from the pandemic is homeowners evaluating their space and adopting ways to make it fit their current needs – especially when it comes to pursuing new interests or hobbies at home. The Wall Street Journal recently honed in on this idea and connected with the Taylor Johnson team for a cover story on renovations that converted garages for new purposes. Of course, we had the perfect example from TJ client Morgante Wilson Architects: the transformation of an unused garage to a bicycle lounge where the homeowners could not only store their bicycle collection in style, but also entertain fellow cyclists post-ride. Read more about the project, and view photos in the full story, here.

his Morgante Wilson Architects project repurposed a client’s unused garage into a bicycle lounge, exemplifying the trend of homeowners making space for hobbies and recreational amenities.


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