The Newest Must-Have Amenity In North Shore Kitchens

August 7, 2014

If you are looking for “Inspiring Outdoor Living Spaces,” curious about “Trends in Residential Architecture Design,” or need to know “Cost-saving Ideas for Designing with Tile,” then you should be subscribing to “Show & Live Well,” the blog from Taylor Johnson client Morgante Wilson Architects, as all of those topics and many more have been covered by the award-winning architecture and interior design firm. And in one of the most recent “Show & Live Well” posts, the firm shares the newest must-have North Shore kitchen amenity that originated from a Lone-Star-state client. Click here

Morgante Wilson Architects shares the newest must-have amenity in North Shore kitchens in its blog “Show & Live Well” blog.

to find out if you need this amenity, too.


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