Things To Know Before Tackling A Tear-Down

October 10, 2014

For homebuyers looking for a new-construction home with modern features in an established area such as Chicago’s North Shore, a custom home on a tear-down lot is often the best option. Taylor Johnson client Brian Brunhofer, president of Meritus Homes, has guided a number of clients through the tear-down process through Meritus’s custom-build division. In this “Expert Opinion” column for SPLASHhome, he shares some important considerations for anyone thinking about tackling a tear-down project, from site selection and municipality regulations to partnering with knowledgeable experts that will keep the experience exciting and enjoyable.

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Through its custom-build division, Meritus Custom Builders, Meritus Homes helps buyers build homes with the latest features and finishes in sought-after areas such as Chicago’s North Shore.



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