This Old Building Material Is New Again

April 19, 2021

Green design and sustainable construction are top goals for nearly all involved in developing commercial real estate, from owners and architects to general contractors and interior designers. Knowing that Taylor Johnson has several high-caliber clients in each of these specialties, a MarketWatch reporter reached out to team TJ for sources to talk about sustainable practices in the industry. We quickly queued up interviews with key executives from clients James McHugh Construction Co. – which discussed the use of alternative building materials like the cross-laminated timber it’s using in a current Nashville project – and Lendlease, which weighed in on its pledge to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels by 2025 and eliminate carbon emissions throughout its supply chain by 2040. For more insights about the latest sustainable initiatives in CRE, read the full story here.

McHugh Construction is using heavy timber and cross-laminated timber to build Southall, an inn and spa in Franklin, Tenn.


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