Baird & Warner Enables Agents To Achieve ‘Balance’ With New On-Demand Support Services

November 22, 2021

For agents already crunched for time in a frenetic housing market, achieving a work-life balance is the dream. That’s exactly what Taylor Johnson client Baird & Warner is now offering its 2,500+ agents with Baird & Warner balance™, the firm’s new app that provides multiple on-demand services – from managing listing showings and social media to completing administrative needs and sales contracts. By using the app, Baird & Warner agents can focus on nurturing leads and growing their business while a dedicated team of specialists helps them on-demand with whatever else they need done. Not only was TJ impressed with the new app, but more importantly, top real estate coach Tom Ferry applauded the real estate firm’s move, calling it a “game-changing suite of services that takes work-life balance to a whole new level.” TJ pitched an exclusive with Chicago Agent Magazine on Baird & Warner balance™ and also secured coverage in other publications, including the Daily Herald. Read more in today’s TJ TALK.


Baird & Warner balance™ delivers multiple on-demand services to make the lives of agents easier so they can focus on growing their business.


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