Bots, Algorithms And Tech-Mapped Delivery Routes: Ryan Companies, Kroger And The Future Of Grocery Shopping

June 2, 2021

Automation within the e-commerce and logistics industry hit an exciting new milestone in April as Kroger launched its first Ocado automated online customer fulfillment center (CFC) in Monroe, Ohio, which was designed and built by Taylor Johnson client Ryan Companies. To inform the industry of this all-new industrial product that relies on artificial intelligence and 1,000 robotic pickers to analyze customer orders and select the grocery items to be delivered, as well as new mapping technology for faster delivery, we reached out to Midwest Real Estate News to offer an interview with Kyle Schott, Ryan’s director of real estate development. This resulting article explains how Ryan used its integrated services platform to design and construct the warehouse around a system that was brand new to the U. S. Kroger also selected Ryan to build five of its 10 CFCs throughout the country.

Designed and built by Ryan Companies, Kroger’s first Customer Fulfillment Center in Monroe, Ohio, houses bots zipping across 3D grids.


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