Clogged Supply Chains, High Construction Prices May Last Awhile

July 15, 2021

Reports of soaring prices and long delays for construction materials seem to surface daily. To give readers a firsthand account of how that’s playing out locally, a Bisnow reporter under a same-day deadline reached out to us for commentary from some of the Chicago area’s busiest contractors. We quickly lined up interviews with leaders from Taylor Johnson clients Englewood Construction and GI Stone, who explained in the resulting article how supply chain challenges and escalating costs have thrown a wrench in their best-laid plans. They also predicted when conditions might improve and offered advice on how short-term obstacles can be overcome through bulk ordering and other proactive measures.

Construction delays won’t stop Chicago contractors like Englewood Construction and GI Stone from operating successfully. Pictured: A Take Five Oil under construction by Englewood and stone countertop fabrication at GI Stone for Lendlease’s Cirrus condos.


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