Designing A New Corporate Office In The Age Of COVID-19

October 7, 2021

When COVID-19 sent people home from the office, many in the industry began speculating about what offices would look like post-pandemic. But for Taylor Johnson client Kinzie Builders, this question had a real-life application, as the firm had just started designing its new office space at the onset of the pandemic. Recognizing the firm’s firsthand experience could have broad, cross-industry appeal, we brought the story to the Daily Herald Business Ledger, resulting in a byline from Steve Spinell, founder and principal of Kinzie Builders. Read more here about Kinzie’s decision-making approach and the factors that influenced the design of the firm’s new office in Libertyville, Ill. Open TJ TALK to read the full article.

“In hindsight, designing an office during a pandemic was fortuitous, as it helped serve as a litmus test for some of the features we were already contemplating,” said Steve Spinell, founder and principal of Kinzie Builders


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