Finding Materials Has Become A Big Problem For Suburban Companies

September 29, 2021

Already a problem before the pandemic, the shortage of materials has become severe in the past 18 months – and it’s expected to continue in 2022. How are companies getting things done? We pitched a story posing that question to the Daily Herald Business Ledger, offering Tom Murphy, director of project services for Taylor Johnson client NAI Hiffman, as an expert source. Murphy has almost 100 office clients and manages over 200 projects per year, from replacing HVAC systems and installing new roofs to repaving lots. The resulting story explains what caused the shortages – from the pandemic to Texas storms – and how they’re affecting day-to-day operations. Read the article here to learn how Murphy finds workarounds in these challenging times.


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Tom Murphy, director of project services for NAI Hiffman, orders materials for more than 200 projects per year.


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