Package Management Solutions Evolve

September 28, 2021

The increasing popularity of online shopping and grocery delivery over the past 18 months
has pushed package management at apartment communities to the brink. When Midwest Multifamily & Affordable Housing Business needed experts to discuss solutions for managing mailrooms and package areas, we connected the outlet with Diana Pittro, EVP of Taylor Johnson client RMK Management Corp., which manages more than 6,500 multifamily units across the Midwest. As outlined in this article, Pittro shares her top tips for handling an influx of deliveries, such as building package rooms larger than current need requires; integrating package rooms with not only cooler capacity, but also cooler rooms for perishables; and knowing when to tap third-party resources for help. Read more in TJ TALK:

RMK Management Corp. is using new technology in mailroom/package rooms at communities like 42 Hundred on the Lake, just south of Milwaukee. The new technology includes touch screen keypad entry systems with video surveillance for access to package rooms via mailrooms.


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