Marshall Bennett Institute Of Real Estate Sees Spike In CRE Undergraduates

October 13, 2021

While Taylor Johnson client Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate (MBIRE) at Roosevelt University was established in 2002 as one of the region’s first graduate-level real estate programs, its Executive Director Collete English Dixon recently saw the need to also prepare undergraduates for a career in commercial real estate. So, three years ago a new undergraduate major in real estate was launched as part of Roosevelt University’s Heller College of Business. After seeing the rapid rise in popularity of this new bachelor’s degree program, where students attend MBIRE classes, we notified local media that enrollment for the 2021-2022 academic year had doubled from the previous year. Chicago Business Journal covered the significant increase in this story that also explains how the degree fills a need in the commercial real estate industry, especially with the reduction in formal on-the-job training programs. Read the full article in TJ TALK.

Classes are getting more crowded at the Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate at Roosevelt University thanks to the school’s new undergraduate major in real estate.


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