Net Lease Health Care’s Positive Prognosis

October 12, 2021

COVID-19 upended a lot of property sectors over the past year and a half. But there’s one asset class that has proven to be just as strong during the pandemic as it was before: net-leased medical office space. When Commercial Property Executive was looking for expert voices to weigh in on the prognosis for net lease real estate, we connected them with Ben Reinberg, founder and CEO of Taylor Johnson client Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies. In the resulting bylined article, Reinberg lays out why an aging population and associated increase in medical spending, together with the migration of healthcare services to off-campus locations, have sustained rent growth and attracted new investors to the sector. Read the full story in TJ TALK.

Net-leased medical properties, such as this one in Lawrenceville, Ga., that Alliance recently acquired, have continued to attract investors throughout the pandemic.


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