RMK’s Diana Pittro Featured On National MHN Podcast

August 12, 2021

At Taylor Johnson, we know that some stories lend themselves to alternative formats, and podcasts – which more than a quarter of the U.S. 12+ population listens to on a weekly basis – have become a valuable tool across industries, including real estate. Of course, these longer-form discussions are only interesting if the guests have valuable insights to share, which made Diana Pittro, EVP of TJ client RMK Management Corp., the perfect fit for Multi-Housing News’ “Women in Multifamily” podcast. We secured a 30-minute interview with Diana for the outlet’s July episode, during which the former flight attendant shared how she transitioned to a decades-long career in real estate, what she’s learned from her female counterparts, and why it’s important for women to speak up in order to move up in a historically male-dominated profession. She also discussed the challenges and opportunities that arose from the pandemic, including the “happy shock” she is seeing as the industry bounces back faster than anticipated. Listen to the full podcast here.


RMK Management Corp. EVP Diana Pittro was recently featured on Multi-Housing News’ “Women in Multifamily” podcast, during which she discussed the importance of female mentorship and leadership, as well as lessons learned from overseeing management, marketing and operations for RMK’s portfolio of more than 6,500 multifamily units across the Midwest.


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