Well-Designed Outdoor Green Spaces Will Remain Popular In Post-COVID Residential Construction

June 14, 2021

Led by visionary architects, Taylor Johnson client Optima, Inc. has long made the inclusion of lush landscapes a priority in its residential developments across the Chicago and Phoenix-Scottsdale regions. For World Landscape Architecture Month, TJ successfully pitched an insightful story to Forbes.com about Optima’s forward-thinking green designs, including its trademark vertical landscaping system, and why residents will prioritize a connection with nature in a post-pandemic world. Click here to learn more from David Hovey Jr., Optima’s president, COO and principal architect, about how the firm is integrating green spaces into its urban communities.

Optima, Inc. intentionally integrates green spaces into developments like Optima Camelview in Scottsdale, Ariz., as a means of promoting resident health and well-being through enhanced connectivity to nature.


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