What To Know About Multiple Homeowners On A Loan

November 16, 2021

Buying a home with multiple people sounds complicated, right? Not always, according to Taylor Johnson client Landtrust Title Services, which was recently featured in a Home.com story on the perks of this increasingly popular homebuying arrangement. TJ worked with the writer to provide insights from Craig Luedtke, Landtrust’s director of title operations, who noted that co-borrower arrangements can carry benefits in certain circumstances, such as putting people in a better position to buy a larger home for a stronger investment. Luedtke also shared various real-world examples of multiple people on a title; from siblings buying property with a parent to multiple heirs of a deceased relative choosing to be listed on the title, Luedtke has seen as many as eight people on one loan. To learn more about this homebuying arrangement, including how having a co-borrower or co-signer in a transaction can offer a better chance of securing a mortgage loan and a competitive interest rate, read the full story in today’s TJ TALK.


Landtrust Title Services recently weighed in on potential benefits of buying a home with multiple people.


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